Eggers vs. Armstrong: Kickoff

About five weeks ago, triathlon coach and self proclaimed crusader against cancer, Mary Eggers issued 7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter and part time triathlete, Lance Armstrong a challenge on Twitter.  The contest was simple, a 50 meter battle in the pool (2 lengths, down and back) at the University of Buffalo using only a kickboard.  Much to Mary’s surprised, Armstrong accepted.

The purpose wasn’t so much who could beat who but rather a fundraiser to benefit LIVESTRONG and Teens Living with Cancer (TLC) in Western New York.  Teens Living with Cancer  is the peer support program of Melissa’s Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation.  Their mission is to help teens live their best life through all stages of their disease and treatment.

On her website,, Mary,  a 6-time Ironman finisher and 3-time Kona qualifier wrote this on Friday.

I am incredibly grateful to you Mr. Armstrong. I know your schedule this weekend and that you are doing this is really above and beyond. Thank you so much for accepting the challenge. But I am not going to take it easy on you.

As of this morning, Mary said they are less than $2,000 away from hitting $50,000.  Their goal is to reach $100,000.   For more information about the ‘Duel in the Pool’ between Mary Eggers and Lance Armstrong tonight, April 28, at the University of Buffalo and how you can donate, check out Teens Living with Cancer or visit


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