Finis Lap Track Review

The sport of swimming seems so simple on the surface.  All you need is a pair of goggles and swim shorts and you’re on your way.  Unfortunately that’s not the reality.  For competitive and recreational endurance athletes there is so much more to swimming than just moving your arms and kicking your legs.  There’s a little thing called technique and people will spend countless hours in the pool or open water perfecting their craft.

While technique remains the foundation to becoming an efficient swimmer, technology continues to evolve to help swimmers make the most of their time in the water.  Today you have lap counting sports watches, floatation devices that go between your legs, paddles for your hands and snorkels that mount directly over your head.  The list of items to include in ones swim bag can be quite long but there’s one more you might want to consider to help keep you on target, a portable swim counter that tracks your distance, calories and time of day.

The FINIS Lap Track is a swim computer and lap counter all-in-one.   Once set up, this electronic sports tool works simply by pushing the face.  Options include a lap counter which counts laps up from zero to 50 or down from your desired swim.  When finished you can review splits, identify your fastest lap and learn how many calories were burned.

The Lap Track also has a timer feature which lets you see your total elapsed time, complete lap time and compare between your last two laps.  There’s also a Loop Function which works when you input your set intervals.  The options don’t end there.  The FINIS Lap Track doubles as a clock and alarm clock.  It’s large display face, 6×6 makes it easy to see your current lap time, splits and total running time.

Many indoor pools have either an electronic clock or race clock mounted within sight but since that’s not always the case, the Lap Track becomes your personal race clock.   The Lap Track comes with two sets of suction cups and mounting brackets which allows you to mount it in almost any pool environment.

You can find is for $29.99 on

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