Pro Men Running, Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne


15 former Ironman Champions are racing in the 2012 Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne Australia.  In the video below, Craig Alexander, Cameron Brown, Eneko Llanos and Frederick Van Lierde early on in the run following 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of cycling.  Find updates and watch on

Top men’s bike splits:

1. BROWN, Cameron 04:24:48
2. ALEXANDER, Craig 04:24:43
3. VAN LIERDE, Frederik 04:27:40
4. LLANOS, Eneko 04:27:44
5. MATTHEWS, Paul 04:28:16
6. BELL, Luke 04:27:47
7. GAMBLES, Joe 04:27:46
8. DELLOW, David 04:28:09
9. WHITE, Matty 04:24:52
10. ALBERT, Marko 04:29:55


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